Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Oh! You Beautiful Cock!

Please Darling, Let me sit on you,

let me sit on that beautiful body of yours,

I would love to let my hands caress your beautiful cock head!

Let me gently play with you,

How I would love to hold that beautiful cock head with my hands.

I promise I wouldn't hurt that beautiful cock head of yours.

So, please come closer so as I can sit on you and get my hands on that beautiful cock head of yours.

Yes darling!....................


yes!! ...............................

oooh, how nice it is to feel that lovely cock head of yours,

oh!! let me play with it, I promise you I wouldn't hurt you!


OOOh! Yes!!.................................

That's It!!

Perfect!!! YES!!!!

.................and Euphemia grins proudly as she looks at the poor cock that she has strangled to death as lunch for today and exclaiming "Oh God!! How I hate slaughtering CHICKENS!! But one has to do it!!

So you perverts out there!! What were you thinking I was writing about? hahahahaha

Till later darlings and if you order chicken for lunch today, remember this story....buzz buzz

Monday, July 16, 2007

Conversation over lunch

Hello there again darlings,

It seems to be a rather hot and humid day today and no matter how many glasses of sangria one's seem to drown it just does not seem to cool down my poor innards but rather made me rather tipsy but then again, what else is new about that? I'm perpertually stoned to the core!!

So, what's the news today? You might ask? Nothing much on the grapevine, lunch was a rather boring affair and thank God for small mercy that I did not have to pay a centime for that rather lousy lunch.

However, I just want to talk about how some minds in our society seems to react. Oooh!! I must confess I do have my share of nastiness but such evil thoughts of mine are well kept hidden and I do not unsheath my claws as some people do. Mercifully for that, or else I would have to change this blog title to Pussy Unsheathed!!

Well, what was I talking about? Oh yes! Human mind and their nastiness. I overheard during lunch a conversation between two gentleman. I guess that one of them has to be either the confidant or advisor or could they be lovers? Hmmmm......never did pop that 1 million question to them and unfortunately I did not see any accidental touching of each other's hands or elbow!

Oohh I am digressing from my topic again!! this is so ghastly of me, so, the conversation, it basically stemmed on the twisted mind of some people.

The human mind can be considered as one that is complex but when we twist it, it becomes even far more complex and God only knows when those evil twisted mind will end up with an absolute mental breakdown.

Anyway, take for example the conversation that I eavesdropped during lunch, since the conversation at my table was rather dead boring and I was nearly on my second pack of coffin nails, so yes, I slipped into my alter ego and became the fly on the wall and present to you the gist of the conversation between the two gentleman.

Guy1: ...I have to confess that sometimes I really wonder what's in that twisted mind of that lady! I mean, her manipulative conniving attitude basically is creating huge friction and tension between families.

Guy2: Well, she could be emotionally deprived and have far nothing better to do in her life, you do seem to suffer with a lot of those people in your lives and I really pity you and wonder why.

Guy1: But why can't she just keep her fucking mouth shut? Oh well, true she might have been pissed off at my attitude but does she not have nothing better to do but being a busybody and poking trouble left right and centre?

Guy2: As we both know the lady in question, you must know, she's rather maniacal. I have to agree with you earlier that whatever contact I have with her are basically superficial and mind you, all her colleagues basically give her lip service only. She's practically hated and loathed by all who comes into contact with her. I mean, that mind of hers, she aims to destroy all those who comes into her path because she believes that she is far more superior than all those around her of which its all in her twisted mind for definitely she's a total inferior human species!!. How quickly she forgets her past incidents...her affair..her child's marriage ..her husband!! Tsk tsk...I wonder how she would feel if we do a more thorough investigation in her life? Wouldn't it be fun? Of course we can easily pass the result of the investigations to "certain parties" and we can all have a good laugh at her expense..as what you said, she wouldn't dare show her face in society anymore after that...a case of casting the mighty to the dung heap?

Guy1: Tempting thought, but I promised myself that I should not loose my temper on them, besides, in the case of this conniving bitch, for some reason, even after all I know about her and what she has said about me to other people, and mind you, I know cos people told me what this people have been saying about me, but I couldn't care less, for respect not of them, but more for their parents concerned and maybe for their other siblings, I have my deepest respect for their parents and therefore I do not wish to drag their names into the mud with all the secrets that I have managed to store and the best part, complete with evidences, photographic evidences!!

Guy2: Well, we know its kept in the safest of hands and poor bugger who will inherit the key to it when you croak will discover that he has a potential gold mine to tap. Well, you've chosen well in him as your heir, he is a source of discretion.

Guy1: Thank God for some sane relatives!

Guy2: Anyway, so what are you going to do with that vicious mind of hers?

Guy1: Nothing much..not yet anyway...just let thing takes it course, eventually time will tell me what to do next and anyway, I did what I have to do yesterday, no not the apologies but the other stuff, so I'll wait for that to take its own course and well, perhaps they need the occasional suffering to bring them down from their mighty pedestal that they put themselves up on and view us mere mortals in disgust....

Guy2: How little they know you...

Guy1: How little indeed..anyway, regarding the project in KL....... (End of conversation about twisted mind lady)

Ohh la la, thank Goodness for the tape recorder in my pocket! I had to replay it 3 times to get the message correct. Pity no names was mentioned!! Sigh!! It would have been so fun to know who it was that they were conversing about.

To the gentleman above in question, well, some people are just plain twisted and that's how their mind work, as what you yourself seem to have grasped in your conversation, she thinks too highly of herself, so drag her down a mile or two!! Wouldn't that be more fun and do make it public so then I can link two and two together and I can really finish this post!

Well, like they say, an idle mind broods evil, so maybe this lady has far too many times in her hands? Hmm I was so tempted to go up to them and saying, "yes!! by all mean!! Investigate and publicise all sordid details!! Give me first op on it and I'll post in here on my blog!!" Alas, I did not want to reveal my identity but Guy1 in question is definitely going to be in my target list of people to cultivate!! Who knows...he might give me more input and sordid details to my blog? Wouldn't you all would love that.

Anyway darlings.. I guess that's all for now!! Ciao and have a good evening!! Muah! buzz buzz

The Launch - an exclusive interview with DALT

Hello darlings,

Well, it seems that all systems are going smoothly and therefore, am using my interview with D.A. L.T. for the first posting

OOOH! DALT what's with all the bling bling darling?

oooh Buzz Buzz did you know, I had to force my hubby of mine the PSTM to get me this after he sent my darling son off to Canada.. Sob SOb! (wipe eyes with hanky) I was so devastated with him being sent to coldstorage and he is soo my favourite!! So sweet old PSTM had to get all this bling bling you're seing here as a form of compensation but its not really enough....I was thinking more of something in line of a new bank or some really prosperous company from SEDC so that I can give it to my darling boy as a Christmas pressie and he can come back here to Sarawak and back to mommy dearest....

So, he's really gone off to Canada? What about the scandal? The money? The mismanagement of funds?

Scandal? what Scandal? surely you don't mean the gals he slept around and slap around with? Why? those sluts...I mean, those gals, its just fabrications, just some people with envy in them and just hate to see my family grow more prosperous each day.....and besides, if he did sleep around..boys will be boys...I mean, look at my brother in laws....oooh..the things they are into..tsk tsk..but we are not here to talk about them and bear in mind, we don't speak ill of the dead...but he was such a sweet dear brother in law...may he rest in peace...and as for the mismanagement of funds? My dear, I am no accountant and besides, as Eva Peron said, Accountants only slow things down!! So, the money came in and went out but its all for the good of my family and friends, I mean, wouldn't you want to see your own family and friends live in perfect comfort with all the wealth around them?

OOH I see, so what is the next plan in your life my dear DALT?

Well, eventually I will be the First Lady of the Land, ooh I can't wait for that, and it will be so nice for people to curtesy to me, I mean, I have the regal look, some people said that I look like Princess Anne....

But don't they say that Princess Anne looks like a horse?

(Cold Stare) absolutely NOT!! she's a lovely lady with class and sophistication and I must say, I do look like her, especially when I'm wearing my hats and not those stupid tudungs..euugh!! those ghastly head scarves, they really ruin your hairstyle!! Well, anyway, where was I before you interupted..ooh..yes, so yeah, my darling hubby would be the next Gov contrary to what that slut of an upstart MT new wife says...oooh..how I hate those upstarts..divorcee to boot!! I wish my hubby would give M the boot and I don't have to see that slut of a whore....

So, you don't think there's anychance for MT also known as MbA to be the next Gov darling?

Well, I can't say for sure, who knows what those horrid Rulers have to say on the matter, but if I have my way, absolutely no!! I would prefer that sweet old LB and his dear adorable wife, N remain as the Gov and First Lady, but I promise you, in due time, I will be the first lady of the land! Oh!! How I wish I could be a bumiputera of this land and not classified as "others" I mean, I just have a measly PR in Sarawak!! It should be Citizen I tell you!! But no, just a stupid PR and classified as Others!! Imagine if I'm a bumiputera!! Ooh la la!! I'll most likely stand for election and be a YB, you know, Like dear old Hilary Clinton....

So, how do you view EJ being a Senator?

Well, I guess she deserves it, I mean, having to put up with that spineless AJ, that old fart can be quite absolutely useless, I mean, since the death of the poor dear BA, old AJ basically makes no sense with his speeches!! He should get a speech writer to go through his speech or ask sweet EJ to go through it. Mind you, I always believe that EJ is the brain behind that operation!! AJ knows nuts of what to do!! So yes, I hold no grudge towards EJ, actually, I salute her and congratulate her for being made a Senator..she soo truly deserves it.

My darling DALT, how's your family? Is it true that AC has left your son?

Well, I can't deny that they are problems in my family, every family has them. Well, if AC has left my son, its her own loss!! She's not getting a single cent from my family!! As for that father of her's, another useless and spineless old git!! But then again, like AJ, he serves his purpose I guess, but I think the writting's on the wall and its time for him to be replaced by WSK, now that's a cunning old foochow...nice but cunning...need to get him to toe the line a bit or else, its out the window with him also...

So, Christmas is coming up, what's your family plans?

Well, no Christmas plans this year, the last time we celebrated, some idiot took a photo of it and became a huge issue of all of us family members sitting around, looking all gorgeous in front of a wreath!! Pest!! the things people take offense about! But I do hope that my dear hubbie will grant my secret Christmas gift wish!! Alor!! Look at the time!! I have to go, I need to check and see how's the stock market like today and pester my dear hubbie to get me some new necklaces I saw the other day in Cartier, well...ciao darling, you know you're way out and no filching my gold water tap in the washroom!! The last time someone did that, I had them fed to my swans....in pieces of course..Ciao!

So there ladies and gentleman, an exclusive interview with DALT, hope you all had fun reading it and till next time....buzz buzz