Saturday, September 22, 2007

Don't you speak english? You're teacher never thought you how?

Hello Darlings,

Was browsing around town and getting my Christmas shopping done where unfortunately, I came round a shop where I saw something delightful but when i inquired the sales assistant as to the availability of the item in a different colour, she looked at me point blank and proceeded to speak to me in Mandarin and I was like staring at her and went, do you speak hokkien and she proceeded to reply me in Mandarin some more!!! Ditto when I tried with Bahasa Malaysia!!!!

I was completely exasperated and basically walked off the shop without the item that I wanted!!!

This made me fuming mad and then I recalled a few days ago, when I called up the CID department to speak to an Inspector and the person on the line basically said she does not speak English and ask me to speak in Bahasa Melayu and I was like, hellooo!!! If I can take the time and trouble to learn Bahasa Melayu here in Malaysia, can't you have the decent courtesy to learn english!!! I mean, I thought it was a compulsory subject in this country's public examination and yet this people can't seem to speak or understand a single word of English and I wondered how in the world did they manage to pass their exams?

This led me to a question, is the standard of education in Malaysia deteriorating that those who are unable to converse in English can still pass the public examination and to make matter more interesting, can become an officer in the police force?

Is the standard really that poor or do we have really lousy English teachers in school whose main aim is to sit there and basically "makan gaji buta"??

I have heard of some teachers who are more interested to do "side" business in schools, where they sell books and other stuffs to students and teachers alike, rather than taking an interest in the students!! I have also heard of teacher's having an open affair with fellow teachers in school but surely, isn't the main aim of teachers in school are to teach the kids? and not off to peddle stuff for side income's or getting involved in extra-marital affairs? Or are they soo free that they can actually do that?? How can I forget of some cases of some teachers who utilise the school's free Internet access to access into blogs and other none school related stuff and some even surfed the Internet for porn during school hours!!!

So, are the students really that dumb that they are not able to function as normal human beings with a certain amount of language comprehensibility in their restricted brain or are the blame to fall on the teachers who are truly uninterested to take the affairs of the students to heart and teach them as true dedicated teachers that they are supposed to be?

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Halal? Halal?!!! Get me Non-Halal!! I want it to be Haram!!


As you can see I'm extremely miffed at this "Halal" controversy and situation that Malaysia seems to be facing and as can be read in Lilian's wonderful posting about Turkey not being Halal, I would add further and apply it to my own personal experience yesterday.

Yesterday was basically attending an Importer and Exporter meeting in my capacity of being a Director of a Cold Storage Company (beware darlings, you pissed me off, I shall set you in the freezer and let you freeze to death!!)

We were duly informed by the ever so pleasing fellow from the Jabatan Agama Islam that as of this year, only restricted amount of turkey's will be allowed into Malaysia and it will be based on a qouta system and for my cold storage, they will only get 60 birds!!! I was like!! WTF you stupid idiots!!! 60!! I have single clients who have ordered more than 60 birds from me!!

We were further informed that all hotels would not be having Roast Turkey on the menu as it is not classified as Halal and therefore, there will be no longer any need to bring in such a huge quota of turkey in this year!!

Furthermore, certain lambs and beef from New Zealand are also banned from being brought into Malaysia as they do not comply with the Malaysian Halal Certification but we will bring in beef from Venezuela and Brazil instead, which led me to argue as to how certain we are that Venezuelan and Brazilian beef are halal or not? They replied that this is in complying with the Ministry Ruling and how they ascertain on the Halal certification is up to the Ministry!! If any leg of lambs or beef are found in our warehouse cold storage, the Agency will proceed to confiscate and burn it. Hmmm? Are we dealing with livestock's or illegal drugs?? Burning of lambs and Jewish can we be...think Jewish Temple Offerings!!

Such stupidity of Halal or none Halal?

Why are we so concerned over the issue of halal certification or not? If Muslims are so scared that it is not halal, don't eat it!!! It does not mean that you have to stop selling it for all the other people out there who are non Muslims!!!

I mean, turkey ham and beef bacon is a result of this people who wish to enjoy the idea of eating bacon and ham or rather the flavour of it and that is why they came up with such ideas but I tell you, ham is PORK and Bacon is PORK not turkey or beef!!!

The reasoning that the hotel's will not be serving turkey this Christmas in the Menu and therefore we can restrict the number of turkey coming in this year is a further reason to show of the backward mind of this mindless people!! If the hotel is not serving it, then people will have no choice but to buy it themselves from the cold storage and roast it themselves and therefore there still will be a demand for turkey's and limiting it to 60 per company is basically going to inflate the price of turkey in Malaysia!!!

So, darlings, if you wish to have Roast turkey in your menu, you better start calling your local cold storage and ask them to reserve it for you before its all gone.

In the meantime, this fly is going to indulge in a Pork Ham and Eggs sandwich!!

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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Monday Blues Darling!! and more on Najib Tun Razak

Morning Darlings!!!

I really hate Mondays!! Don't you all?

Its the time of the week where I just basically curse the bloody inventor of the alarm clock!! Don't get me wrong! I adore the alarm clocks at other days of the week, but on Mondays!! I wish we didn't have the "convenience" or should I call it inconvenience in our lives!!!

So!! What was I doing last night that I couldn't wake up gracefully this morning, you might ask!!

Well!!! I graciously agreed to grace my presence at a very delightful dinner reception where I must admit, the bling bling in the room basically put the chandelier to shame, though, I have to admit some of them were basically "faux" like the Gucci handbags that I see some disjointed nosed ladies are carrying around town, trying to pass it off as real by disjointing their noses even more!!

Back to the dinner!!! There I might this most delightful fellow who was present at the UMNO convention that just ended and I must admit darlings that on T.V. it seems like a rather dull convention, with all the hurly burly about "Malay Culture and Malay Supremacy" that makes one wants to shout out and ask, "HELLO!!! There's other races in Malaysia or are we to be gradually assimilated by you guys like how the Borgs assimilate other life forms in the Star Trek series??" OOohh!! Yes I do indulge in the occasional Star Trek series but am not really a Trekkie fan....yet...!!!!

So, back to this charming git that I met last night, well, this fellow was filling me on some of the juicy details that's been going on around the convention floor that made me so tempted to apply for an observer pass for the next convention as it all sounded soo interesting!!

Among the topics we spoke of last night, Najib and our lame duck Prime Minister!!! Of course Khairy's name definitely crop up as it was linked to our Lame Duck Prime Minister, but we shall talk about Najib today as he seems to be a far more interesting topic, what with the Baginda case still on going. Most of the delegates around the convention was basically talking about the Abdul Razak Baginda scandal and of course Najib's friendship with Abdul Razak and it brought back stories of his alleged "caught in the act of adultery" with Zaina Zain in Port Dickson, which is actually a smokescreen!! Najib had indeed been caught with that actress, but not in Port Dickson but in a hotel in Kuala Lumpur. Najib’s special Branch officers had inserted the story of it being in Port Dickson in order to lay the ground for his alibi and it has now been conveniently covered up and the blame place on his underlings in the Army!!

Anyway, so many of us seems to think that he's the best option we have as Prime Minister!! Well, compared to the lame duck we are having, anyone would be far better!! However, we must bear in mind, he could also be a "wolf in sheep clothing" !!

With all the hoo haa of Hishamuddin and his Kris Kissing act in the Assembly, I was enlightened by that wonderful fellow of an act that Najib committed, that many of us here has forgotten, of which our Deputy Prime Minister did when he was then the Head of UMNO youth and that was when he, in 1987, as UMNO Youth Chief, Najib vociferously defended special Malay privileges in a fiery speech featuring the Malay Keris (dagger) and vowed to bathe the Keris with Chinese blood, shortly before the government launched a crackdown on extremist elements termed "Operation Lalang." At the same rally, banners were hoisted carrying phrases such as "revoke the citizenship of those who opposed the Malay rulers", "May 13 has begun" (referring to the May 13 Riots in 1969), and "soak it (the keris) with Chinese blood".

Soooo....this is our next Prime Minister?? I think I need to really speed up my application for my PR status to Luxembourg really soon!!

So darling...plying myself with endless glasses of champagne to boost my nearly failing view of our country after hearing such pathetic details of our Deputy Prime Minister, I woke up with a nasty hangover and a horrid ringing of the alarm clock and mood is blue!! Not only because its a Monday but we have another extremist as our Deputy Prime Minister!!!

Well Darlings, I think that's enough for now!! I need to have a little shut eye before I try to force some breakfast down my throat. Have a nice Monday if you can!!!

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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Crab Culture

Hello Darlings,

Well, I must admit, had a rather interesting weekend!!

Being gloriously drunk on Friday night, I spent the whole day yesterday suffering from an intense hangover!! But rest assured I am well recovered now and was dutifully dolling out charity en largesse to the simple folks and I can't help seeing the mad rush scramble of the young kids for the dole that was being handed out.

Basically what they were doing were pulling other kids back in other to get to the front in order to receive the largesse that we were handing out!! Such utter stupidity that I was so tempted to stand up and shout "Stand in-line you stupid idiot!! and you'll all get a share!!", however, such a display is sooo unbecoming of me, so I just sat back and basically tossed the money to the air and let them have a mad scramble for it!!

Now, you might ask, what's with the story above? Fictional or truth? Well, the moral to the story is our Malaysian Bumiputera mentality darlings!!

The Crab Culture!!

Have any of you ever bought any crabs and placed it in a bucket before killing it? Have you ever seen how, if one crab tried to escape, the others will try will all their best to pull it down?

Well, that my dearest, is how Malaysian bumiputera's are!!

They are basically bunch of crabs!!

Unable to see someone being far more successful than the others, they pull each other down!!

Of course, this mentality allows the non-malays to become far more successful (as usual) and this ends up with the malays screaming at the non-malays for more equity and more equality!! Sigh!! and I am repeating myself again, its a vicious cycle isn't it darling!!

Now, of course, in light of this, we have this condemnation of Tun M's son, Datuk Mukhriz Mahathir, for stating that the Prime Minister's speech basically lacks nothing in stature and new policies!!

I agree with Datuk M.M, the speech of our PM was basically as dull as dishwater and I couldn't help but fall asleep when I listened to it!! Oh!! How I miss the old days when drama, tears and insults was thrown at the delegates by our beloved Dr. M!!

Well, I call this syndrome, the sour grape syndrome that Malaysian Politicians and in fact, MOST MALAYSIANS seems to suffer from!!!

We can't openly criticise others or else, they would become a bunch of sour grapes and impose censure on us, but at the same time, they are of course ever so allowed to shoot out all forms of criticism at us!! Ahh!! That's "Malaysia Boleh" for you!!

Anyway, darlings, feel free to add you input on this matter, as for me, the pool beckons and I have to shed this few unsightly pounds I gained from the BBQ lunch this afternoon!!

So, have a good evening darlings and till later....

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