Saturday, May 24, 2008

Internet satellite

Did you know that besides the normal broadband internet we get at home you can also get internet satellite? It’s basically internet via satellite and it’s available mainly for businesses that need fast reliable communications with their partners from across the world. It’s an exciting time for IT nowadays with fast internet access through satellite technology. Find out more at

New client

How's work you asked? Its been hectic this week; we have a new client and they're very anal. They gave us 11 styles but they wanted a nest, a cardboard pattern and 3 sample kits in paper from each style. Each style has about 9 or 10 sizes so imagine the cardboard patterns we've been busy cutting out.

So the other regular customers have been put on the back burner just so we could get these works done by Friday. The client's taking all these patterns over to the makers in China. We managed to get 1 set of paper kits but not 3 coz there was absolutely no time to print them all.

Mobile satellite

Field works in the middle of the Amazon jungle or out in the Australian outback need reliable mobile satellite communications with our partners all across the globe. That’s where IP Access International comes in; their mobile satellite internet service is one of their best areas of expertise. Log on to to see what mobile satellite can do for you.

New neighbours

Was speaking with the neighbour the other day, apparently they're moving to the UK soon. Her husband is negotiating with his company to work there for a few years so the whole family will be relocating over to the other end of the world.

They'll probably won't be selling the house since they're going to need a house to come back to years from now. They will be renting the house out meaning we're going to get new neighbours soon.

2 way satellite internet

One of the services provided by IP Access International is 2 way satellite internet that gives businesses always-on high speed internet connection. Reliable high speed internet is paramount to global businesses nowadays as demand for broadband internet increases. To find out more on how your company can benefit from this technology visit for more information.

Live life to the fullest

Close friends of ours have just gone back to New Zealand. The grandfather just passed away and the whole family has gone back for the funeral. I've never met their grandfather but I heard he was a very influential man in their community. May he rest in peace.

Which brings me to think about our own mortality, life is so precious but we take it for granted. One minute we could be laughing enjoying life the next we be snuffed out just like that. So live your life like its the last day.

Commercial satellite

Nowadays with globalization companies need to be able to communicate with their partners all over the world instantly. IP Access International is a global business satellite internet provider offering voice, data as well as video access to businesses worldwide.

Their commercial satellite services include broadband internet access, 2 way satellite internet and high speed internet via satellite so you can always stay one step ahead of your competitions.

Couch potato no more

One of the things that happened since I was away from this blog was that I bought a Nintendo Wii console and WiiFit. Back in the days video games were considered bad for us because they make us stay indoor all day and lounge around not doing any physical exercise. But with the Wii it makes us participate in the games and the WiiFit actually helps us exercise in the privacy of our living room.

I used to be so unfit, the only exercise I did was a bit of gardening. Now I'm doing Yoga and muscle workout with the WiiFit. My body is more flexible and more importantly I feel great! Go get yourself a WiiFit too!

Tom and his blinks

My friend Tom is one who likes his jewelry; he’s got a few blinks on his hands when he goes out. I’ve never seen a man who’s so into rings. Yesterday he showed me these new rings he just bought; they called Titanium Rings he said. I got to say for someone who’s not into rings like he is I quite like them. They’re stylish and very different from the conventional rings sold in the market.

I'm back.

Hi there! It's been a while since I updated this blog, well I've run out of excuses. I'm just lazy, bad bad Wuching. But at least I didn't abandon it all together so that gotta count for something.

Anyway a lot has happened since I was here; my mum's had a mild stroke, she's ok now but it was a bit of a worry. She was in a coma for a while but good to know she's doing well now. Well I'll shut up now, gotta write some paid posts. So many and so little time! See you later.