Sunday, October 28, 2007

Raving Lunatics and Bitches!!


Question: Have any of you ever cross a path of an insane individual who has nothing better to do with his/her time apart from meddling in other people's business and then use it to get back at others just to spite them and to create trouble and causes problems?

I have to admit darlings, I have a fair share of those nasty individuals in my life that it seems that I am plagued with such people as a permanent penance for my sins.

Of course, I am not saying that I am an absolute angel and thus have never meddled in other people's affairs, but I only does so when I am asked to do so or in some ways affect me!! However, this people that I have met, meddles in affairs that have absolutely no concern with them whatsoever!!!

Yes!! I am sure you know those types, those busybodies who pulls on a mask of civility and cordiality and sits down for tea's and have superficial conversation with you but at the back of the brain are trying to figure out how is it possible to trip you so as you may fall on your arses!!

They pretend to be ever so concerned of your life in hope to gather some precious gems of information so as they can pass around with others and create some more fictional stories out of it. Their constant pursuit to belittle others makes people eye them with horror and trepidation and basically apply on lip services whenever people comes into contact with them!!!

Walking around in their fake Gucci's and Prada's and passing it off as the "real thing" by acting high and mighty, they leave a trail of blood behind their wake and can basically be classified as nothing more than vampires, out to suck the blood from people they come in contact with!!!

With their false notion of being concerned, they pass around the tiny tidbits of gossips that they've stored in the cache like bee's storing nectar and create mind boggling and friction resulting situations between people all for the sheer splendour of spiting others!!

How quickly they forget that there are greater forces at work and how quickly they forget that so many times, when they have think themselves as high and mighty, then problems will come their way and they are basically reduced to nothingness and are basically ridiculed for true situations that plagued them and affect their very lives that they are living due to such behaviour!!

Karma my dearest darlings!! Its all pure Karma!! What evil malicious intend that they create in their minds on the pretense of being concerned or wanting to clarify things are actually a facade for them to leach their venomous poison into the world around them and eventually, like the bee's who stings, they die from releasing that poison!!!

I was present a few days ago at a tribal ceremony where incense, kris and blood was used!! The shaman was basically trying to cast spells of protection and send out curses of despair and pain to those who speaks and plan to cause harm to the individual, who is descended from some tribal god's, who seek protection, many a times I have seen this act being performed and I have to confess, many a times, it worked and the result is either physical pain or emotional pain happening to people who speaks evil of the person who has been protected!!

It makes me wonder, wouldn't the world be a far better place if people just kept their mouth shut and not become malicious in their lives?

I also wondered, would it not be far better that before we judge others, why not we judge ourselves first? Look at our own lives, I mean, surely you are no better than the person you are speaking evil about!! I know I am the devil incarnate when it comes to this journal's postings but all of you know that its for me to express my frustration of the situations that's going on around and none of you have to believe what I write here!!!

So darlings, before we decide to speak evil of others or cast malicious intent on other's out of spite, think first, think, is that person descended from some ancient tribal god's or goddesses? Are you prepared to suffer the wrath of having your children bearing the pain of what malicious intent you weave?!!!

If you see fit to let someone be ridiculed and hated or insulted by your actions now, would you want to see it happening back to you a thousand fold? Suffer from some pain and distress and laughed at not only by those around you but by everyone at the street corners and everyone who knows you?

So darlings, remember, Karma!! If someone spites or ridicule you, just sit back and let it be, eventually they will suffer from that consequences a thousand fold and you can have the last laugh!! (how totally unchristian of me, but I have to admit, this kind of people should really be laughed at, after all, its in the Magnificat, "they will cast kings from their thrones and raises the lowly from the dung heap" so my dearest, if you are sitting on the thrones now, do not get to comfortable, for someone out there is about to pull you down from it and people will have the pleasure of seeing you suffer from it!!)

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