Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Decorating with glass tiles

We are in the process of renovating the house. This will not only make the house bigger with more rooms but we’re going to have an indoor swimming pool as well. The plan is all drawn up by the architect and building is scheduled to start mid next month and hopefully will be completed before Christmas.

I’m excited about the new renovated house we’re going to live in; just six months ago I had the slightest clue on what or how we wanted the house to look like but with the help of the architect and the home idea expo we went to which greatly helped. I learned to use glass tiles that will make up a lot of the decorations in the new house like the indoor pool and the new entertaining area. They come in different European-inspired designs and give textures and styles in coordinating colors. I can’t wait to see the end result.

Another bites the dust

This morning I found another one of my fish dead on the floor next to the fish tank. It had jumped out of the tank overnight, this is the second fish that has done this. The first one I managed to save because I found it just in time, I was able to put it back in the water only to have it died on me days later.

But this time it must've jumped out much earlier cause by the time I saw it it was already lifeless. Comets are fast swimmers and can leap out of the water so easily. I need to lower the water level or cover up that opening where they tend to jump out from.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Useful guide to web hosting

I started blogging on the free platform from BlogSpot but eventually after much consideration and two years later I finally decided to get my own domain name and found someone to host my personal domain for me. Thing is I’m clueless when it comes to web hosting and other internet related stuff, that might be another reason why I didn’t get my own domain name sooner. I’m the type that won’t budge until someone pushes me and I’m glad that someone did. If not I’ll probably still be on BlogSpot today.

Now I’ve been with my current web host for nearly a year and soon I will need to re-register for another year or find another web host to host my domain. I’m in the process of looking for a better deal and since I don’t know anything about web hosting a guide to web hosting at KaushalSheth.com is really helpful for me. There are so much information I’m learning everyday there.

Lazy Easter

It's been a really quiet Easter break for me. I'm having a 5 day weekend starting on Easter Friday right until the following Tuesday but I've yet to do anything except staying at home and doing simple house chores and working on my scale model and gardening.

Some friends of ours have rented a place down in Phillip Island and had invited us to go visit them. Terese said we might go when she's bored sitting at home but she's enjoying her boring lazy weekend too much to want to go anywhere now. I'm bored out of my mind but if she's not going what's the point?