Friday, January 11, 2008

Gong Xi Fa Cai and its Lent!!


Gong Xi Fa Cai to all my dear chinese readers!!!

So, how was my Chinese New Year been like? Well, for starters, this wonderful year of the Pig has started off wonderfully with a dish of pork leg being served for the Chinese New Year dinner!! Ahh!! Pork, the most wonderful creature created by God!!! I pity the jewish and muslim brothers who are deprived of this wonderful creature!! I pity even more the converts who converted and having tasted the most tastiest bacon and ham and pork liver now have to rely on half half substitute and try their best to convince others and most importantly themselves that its just as good but its all just an illusion to fool yourself darlings!! Nothing beat the real thing!!

Food and of course drinks aside, it was a wonderful time, the temporary once a year casino basically mushroomed all over and fortunes were made and lost at this tables!! Meeting old friends and making new one's gossiping over a few glasses of whisky or was that bottle and most importantly just having the greatest fun of one's life!!

However, all this festivities and merriment was brought to a sudden standstill on the 3rd day of Chinese New Year with the dawn of Lent, or Ash Wednesday. This year, it really felt like I have taken part in some Mardi Gras revelry with the fun and food suddenly stop at midnight and everyone decided to fast and pray for one day and resumed the normal activities associated with Chinese New Year on Thursday!!

So, yes, Lent has stared, officially that is, but for the Chinese Christians, it will formally sink in after Chap Goh Mei as we are still cavorting around, drinking, gambling and eating like nobody's business!! So, we wouldn't have the mandatory 40 days of Lent, but rather, something slightly shorter but at least we are making an effort to try and make a difference for Lent!

So, what am I planning to give up for Lent? Well, lets see, alcohol and ciggies!! That seems to be most apropos!! Shall have my last drink and final puff as the clock strikes midnight on Monday!!

Anyway, Darlings!! will keep you posted if I am able to maintain my Lenten fast or not!! (I know I should try to give up gossiping and writing trash!! but alas!! its impossible darling!!)

Till then...

muah muah

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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Another Lazy Monday

Hello Darlings!!!

What can I say, the weekend was rather borring to the core, but at last I managed to spot the Prime Minister at the Launch and Inauguration of the Visit Malaysia Year 2007 and the Eye on Malaysia. Speaking of the Eye, what the fuck does our country thinks its doing? What is the purpose of the Eye? Badawi going megalomaniac and thinks he can't ape London's eye also? Is this a touch of his Predecessor here I see?

Anyway, why Launch Visit Malaysia Year a week later? Well, it seems that the Islamist faction in our country was thinking that it was bloody inappropriate to Celebrate and Launch it on New Years Eve as it happens to coincide with Hari Raya Haji / Korban and thus it should be a solemn day and thus the lack lustre celebrations to the start of the New Year. Heck!! I think if the Islamist have their way, we would celebrate the New Year during Awal Muharram instead!!! Speaking of Hari Raya Haji / Korban, Islamist last year offered the ultimate Sacrifice to Allah in the form of Saddam Hussein? Strange and Ironic isn't it, when we reflect back that Hari Raya Haji /Korban has its roots with the attempted Sacrifice of Issac or in the Islamist Case Ishmael by Abraham, in the ancient land that we now know as Iraq and what do we have Centuries later? In the very same land, the Islamist sacrificed their own people, Saddam Hussein on the Feast of Hari Raya Haji...pity there was no Saving Lamb to save him.

Back to the Launch of Visit Malaysia Year, why was our Prime Minister having his holiday outside of Malaysia during Visit Malaysia Year? Should not he instead be somewhere in Sabah or Pangkor or somewhere IN MALAYSIA and not overseas?? You wish to encourage tourism and encourage people to visit your Country and yet you go overseas to have your holidays!! What cock is this? Leadership by example man!! Besides, what would the Tourist have to say, when the Prime Minister himself don't visit his own Country when he goes for a vacation!!!

Well, most likely he has to go out of Malaysia to deposit the huge amount of money that he received during Hari Raya Aidil Firtri in November into his foreign bank account!!

Anyway, I wrote a few lines in my last posting on the Molotov cocktail bomb at the residence of Dato Seri William Mawan, well, a little tidbit to it, its done by some gangsters towards his son who has been pushing his influence too much and got on people's can't we do that to Khairy? Bomb him not with Molotov Cocktail but rather do an Allantuya on him!!!

Anyway, Darlings!! I'm off to my lunch date and hopefully would be able to dig up more dirt for your reading pleasure.

So stay tuned and stay healthy and for you ladies out there, if your skin is sagging, I encourage you go Botox!!!

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Sunday, January 6, 2008

What's with Our Flooded Country?


Forgive me for the extremely lack of updates this past few days but I just can't seem to drag myself out of bed and its not because there was something warm and cuddly to keep me there, but rather the bloody weather with its intermittent rain has somehow screwed up my far too already well screwed body clock that the idea of just lying in and enjoy the cool rainy morning in the comfort of one's bed is just far too tempting a thought!!!

Far from me to say that the weather system is rather screwed up as I personally prefer the rain to hot, humid days and I must stress, I DO NOT mind hot, humid sex, but days...yes!!!

However, enough about the rain, I guess its far better than waking up to frost though I am certain that a lot of people might choose to disagree with me on that!!!

To our original topic and that is the flood situation in Johor!!! Now, I might not be as well educated as some people, heck in fact, I'm downright stupid, but to my knowledge, there has yet in my minute brain any recollection of a flood situation hitting the same place twice in a month until the incident in Johor. Personally, I hardly hear of Johor ever being flooded!!!

Normally we would equate flooding with the East Coast States but never the Southern Region!! Drought and water shortage, yeah, that's normal, but flood?

Has the weather system and pattern shifted so much that we actually might be experiencing a White Christmas 20 years down the road? If you consider the shift pattern that is, flooding usually occur on the northern East Coast States of Malaysia but now it seems to have shifted further south, what's the probability that in 20 years time, the weather pattern would shift further south and thus we would wake up to snow and frost? Wishful thinking you might say..but then again....

Anyway, flood asides, we here in Sarawak are facing a flood of another kind, especially this weekend, with a sudden increase of tourist congregating for the Wedding of the Year, the wedding of the Eldest Daughter of the Deputy Chief Minister to an International Financier, or what we would call in Malaysia, "Along" of Lebanese Origin, and for those purant out there, he's Lebanese Catholic and Not Muslim and for those Muslim Radicals, don't get your hopes high, the Deputy Chief Minister's daughter is Marrying a Lebanese Catholic and not a Muslim and thus she's not ever so sorry to disappoint you on that matter.

I guess the Deputy Chief Minister and Wife, the Senator Empiang, (and not she does not look anyway as hot as Amadila of Naboo, in fact none of the female Senators of Malaysia are worth looking at, unless you are into dried old ginger look!!!) is relieved that their eldest daughter has finally settled down with someone who is far stable and more mature than her previous ex boyfriends. I recall with horror the previous boyfriend, who we always suspected swing both ways!! the Horrendous "Metro sexual" Sasha of Germany!! Eugh!! Flamboyant as ever!! I do hope he's not going to attend the wedding...then again..he might be the Maid of Honour for all I know!!!

So, Kuching will expect a sudden influx of French Speaking Lebanese, Beer bellied Australians, Charming Italians and boring British with the occasional Singaporean, West Malaysians and Thais thrown in for fun!!

The wedding, which will be a 3 days event will begin on Friday with a simple Church blessing followed by a cocktail luncheon and an Iban Wedding in the evening and the Finale is the Grand Wedding Dinner where invitations are so coveted but there's only 1000 issued and soo many wannabe's in Kuching will just have to cry their eyes out that they are not considered important enough to be invited to the Grand Wedding!! As for me? My dress is ready, my invitations at hand and my gifts has been delivered to the charming and delightful bridge and groom. (now..if she did marry Sasha the German instead of Guy the Levant, I could have said, the ever pretty and gorgeous bride and groom as Sahsa the German can be considered quite pretty!!!)

So darlings!! Will update you on the wedding when I return from the long weekend of champagne and whisky on the rocks!!!! Take care and muah muah!!

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