Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Two more weeks to Christmas!!!


Goodness!! I realised that since my last rant, its been a long time since I wrote anything in this blog!!!!

Must confess!! Have been extremely busy and caught up with my work plus the facts that one has to prepare for Christmas, the shopping, the decorations, the preparations, all done by my ever gracious maid of course, but definitely under my strict direction and supervision!!!

Realising that Christmas is only two weeks to go, It dawned upon me that the 2007 will be here in three weeks time!! Horrors!!!!! Another year has gone by and I need to get some botox injections and liposuction in a few more years time!!! Sigh!! How Cruel the ravish of time does to one's lovely beauty!!! God's mockery on human, that he places a Used By dates on all of us!!! Of course, some of us, reached the Used By dates faster that others and I must confess, I am blessed to be one of those whose Used By dates are still a long way to go!!!!

I mean, I have come across some 40 plus ladies in my circle who are basically so well preserved like the sour plums we get during Chinese New Year, you know, those sour, wrinkly, bitter preserved plums and this ladies are basically like that, Sour to the Core, wrinkly and Bitter in their outlook (maybe its because they are shrivelled and dried up) but I must thank God that I am blessed with excellent constitution and looks that I have yet to shrivel and dry up!!! (of course when I reach that point, out comes the credit card and off to Switzerland darling to fix it up and for drying up?? Lubes darling!! there's always lubes!!!)

I have been thinking, what have I done for the year 2006, did I keep my New Years resolution or did it get thrown out with the trash along with the discarded New Year's Eve party decoration? I know the first resolution was a joke and I now wondered why I added that one in, it states, Do not Drink till you're drunk or indulge in the occasional social drugs!!! Whoopie!!! at 12:13AM , Jan 1, 2006, I was downing a whole bottle of champagne and sharing a divine joint with my partner in crime at the dance floor of the Party!!!! The party has not yet ended and I already broke my first resolution!!!

Therefore, this time round, I would not make any single resolution!!! I find that its all crap and impose a code into one's life that basically makes one bitter, sour and resentful of other's who are enjoying life far more than they are!!! So!! No way am I making any resolution but rather, I would live my life to the fullest, enjoy life as it is, party like mad, drink like a fish and repent at leisure!!!

Compared to some of the ladies that I know, who try their best to be the ever Ms. Perfect, they are bordering on turning into the Stepford Wives in their outlook, I just have to brag that I have a far more exciting life than they lead and I must confess, they are always so envious of the fun and crazy life that I have!!! I know that as soon as I am gone from the occasional tete a tete with them, the claws are unsheathed and this ladies, in their false facade starts their gossips and then proceed to call me a gossiper and scandal monger when in actually fact, darlings!! They are far worse!!! But of course, its always easy to see the splinter in other's people's eyes!!!! Worse if they think that they are always right and that they are always perfect!!

I mean, if they are perfect, I wonder, hmm, why did your daughter run away darling? I heard she's now married to a hobo? No? I say, didn't your husband had a first wife? I thought you were very picky of the type of guy you would marry? Hmmm!!! Your husband is having an affair and thus, stop condemning others that we are not taking care of our own husband's or wives when basically your own hubby is watering other people's garden!!!

My own statement to this people who has soo much to say is this, simple and straightforward, before you see fit to judge and condemn others, look at your own backyard!!! Is it full of weeds? So, I hope that this upcoming year darlings, you all can rot in hell for all I care, but actually, I do care for you ladies and I hope that you would all improve yourself and recognise that you are human and therefore prone to mistakes and failures darling!!!

So, I fear that this might be my last post for the year!! With all the madcap parties and celebrations, I do not think I would have the energy or the time to sit in front of my laptop, unless its darling Cocka who is sitting on my lap, typing my dictations!!!! That is a true laptop!!!

So, a Very Merry Christmas Darling and a Happy New Year!!!

May you have a pleasant time and a great year ahead darlings!!!

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