Saturday, January 26, 2008

Selling made easy

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Hi! This is Wuching and I'll be co-writing with The Fly on this blog. First I would like to thank The Fly for letting me co-write here, it is a great honor. I just hope I'll be able to live up to The Fly's expectation of me. And I do hope that you will enjoy reading my entries as much as I like writing them.

So sit back and relax as The Fly and I do our little bit of contribution to hopefully brighten up your days just a little bit. I hope you'll continue to patronize this blog, the success of a blog can only be measured by the number of it's loyal readers.

Thank you.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Get paid for blogging

Blogging is gaining popularity exponentially as the internet grows. More and more people are taking up this past time to pen down whatever comes to their minds for others to read. But instead of just blogging for yourself why not get paid to blog about the things you love?

This way you can write reviews and voice your opinion about a particular product while the advertiser of the product gets to widen their exposure through your blog. It’s basically like blog advertising except you get to say what you think of the product and get paid for it! Smorty is a service that connects the advertisers with the bloggers, the bloggers get paid for their opinions on the products with links back to the advertiser’s website. There are always a steady flow of opportunities for bloggers to write on Smorty and approval is fast and payment is on a weekly basis. If you own a blog why not get paid for blogging.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Lilian's Valentine Meme


Can't help but just had to do this meme that
Lilian posted up in her blog and hopefully she would do hers if more than 5 people do it!!!

So without further ado..lets head to the questions shall we!!

1) Do you celebrate?

No Darling!! All those crass commercialisation!! I basically scream murder when some poor bastard tries to invite me out and ask me to be his valentine!! However, considerations will be made to my long standing affair (long standing as long as this blog and he stands)
Cocka :P

Normally, on Valentine Day, my friends and I would converge at someones house, have dinner, drain bottles of wines and gossip as to who is dating who, who is breaking up, who is getting married, who is having an affair, who is a closet gay, and who might be filling for a divorce sooon!!!

2) If you don’t, do you feel a bit embarrassed about it?

No!! Why should I? I would be embarrassed however if I was tricked and conned to buy outrageously priced flowers and over inflated dinners!!! Such crass commercialisation of the festival makes me blush!! (as if I would ever blush..but seriously!! The cina ah pek's blatant chance to make a quick buck on Valentine Day can be quite embarrassing!! I wonder if they know the meaning of Valentine Day!! Its about sacrifice darlings!! Sacrifice....sacrifice of one self for the lovers!!! So!!! In spirit of Valentine Day!! Shop Owner should give flowers for free and dinners for free for lovers!!! Ahhh!! Then that would be Valentine Day!!!

3) Do you have anyone to wish? Like you know…special people? Dare to name him/her/them?

Well, I wish everybody a Happy Valentine Day, to you
Lilian especially and to all my lovely readers!! Of course special mention to my long time scandal...Cocka!!

4) Was there a Valentine’s Day that you will forever remember?

The First Valentine Day!! You know, the day when St. Valentine was caught and killed because he tried to protect the lovers and allow them to escape from being arrested!!! That's the only Valentine Day I will remember..the rest...hmmm..not worth mentioning!!

5) What do you say if I ask you to write a secret love note to someone (anon) you admire and publish it on your blog? You think you can find the word for them? You have the courage? Yes? Good…go do this meme

My Darling
Cocka, (oops!! You mentioned anon!! but why hide your secret love? Shout it out from the mountain top darlings!!)

Words cannot express how much I feel about you, I eagerly anticipate your sweet words!!

Such sweet words that causes me to blush when I think of the outrageous things we can do together!!

Your words causes me shortness of breath and I swoon....due to exhaustion....from laughter!!

Happy Valentine Darling!!

Buzz Buzz there, that was not difficult now was it? So darling
Lilian!! Hope to see you do yours soon!!

Buzz Buzz