Thursday, June 2, 2011

Repair shops

Being a car novice I worry about sending my car to repair shops just in case they try to rip me off. That’s why I used to go to a friend’s workshop hoping he would look after me and not rip me off.

That was a few years back when I could drop off my car and pick it up on the way to and from work. Nowadays since working from home it is quite a distance to go to my friend’s repair shop and sadly I neglected my car until I started getting all sorts of car problems.

That’s when I realized that I really need to look after my car but I didn’t want to travel far to my friend’s repair shop so I took it to my local repair shop. Surprisingly this local repair shop didn’t rip me off! They were very good with the repairs and I am most impressed with their customer service. I guess I was judging books by their covers which was the wrong thing to do. There are good reliable repairers out there and I need to trust them more than I did.

Breeding budgies

The Australian budgerigar is the world's most popular pet, and therefore the world's most popular bird as well. Don highly recommends breeding budgies as a hobby, particularly for kids. As well as being very easy and great fun, it teaches them about basic animal husbandry and introduces them to applied science.

An aviary is not the best breeding environment for budgies because they tend to fight, much like humans in an overcrowded house. Don recommended putting your breeding pairs into cabinets. These are a bit like pigeon holes, with one pair to each cabinet. A nesting box is attached to the outside of each cabinet, usually with a hinged lid to allow the owner to check its contents. Budgie cabinets with nest box cost about $60 from pet shops.