Friday, January 4, 2008

Happy New Year

Hello Darlings!!!!!

Its been ages!!! Having recovered from the glorious hangover from the Christmas celebration and the New Year Parties, I decided to write a line or two to inform you all that I am very much alive and doing quite well.

Nothing much in the gossip world today as everyone seems to be on leave. I do wonder where is the foggy old Prime Minister hiding now? Ran off to check on the yacht that is not his?

Thank you also for all the wonderful Christmas and New Year Greetings that I have received and thank you also to darling Cocka....I owe you a lap dance darling!!!

Well, what shall I talk about today?

This wet weather is making me extremely lazy and all I can think of is snuggling up in my cozy bed and sleep it off!!! Wake me up when the sun shines again!!!

Anyway, have any of you realised that they are people running around town, supposedly disguised as your best friend and are actually speaking evil about you? Well!!! I know I do that sometimes, but this time, I'm talking about those who are speaking evil that is basically fictional!!

I came across some information that a certain someone has been saying about MOI!! and to my utter horror, this person is has been living in either a delusional world or he's purposely passing wrong information about me!!! Of course, it could be possible that there are other parties involved who is feeding him wrong information and he got the wondrous story all wrong!!

I have this strong urge to correct that person as to his mistake and to make him realise as to the fallacy of his comments but I think I have something better up my sleeve where I can hurt him more as I have the ability to hurt others more than they can believe and the best part, the do not suspect its me!!! yes!!! the power of the fly!!!!

Anyway, darlings, a personal rant on this new year as to those irritating people who basically has nothing better to do with their time but spreading the wrong gossips!! (hoo boy!! look who is talking but at least my gossip has relevance!!)

Anyway, am looking forward to the weekend where I can indulge in my past time of sleep drink and listen to gossip, its been really booorrrrinnng!!!! Come back you stupid politicians and create some gossip!!

Speaking of politicians, I wonder why was The State Minister of Urbanisation's Datuk W. M's house was attacked with Molotov Cocktail a few days back? Was he flirting with someones wife? His son's owing someone money again? Or his wife, Datin J. S. been shoplifting from the goldsmith again?? Should dig more into that story!!!

Till later Darlings!!!

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