Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Sigh!! Another Mundane Week

Hello Darlings!!!!

Yes, I am back!! Unfortunately for some, I did not expire due to drug or alcohol overdosed and if I actually did, could anyone blame me? We are living in one of the most boring times in our lives.

So, what is of interest while I was away?

Well, lets see, the PM was rumoured to have gotten anyone see the press conference which he denied the rumours? That guy has the look as if he has something to hide!! Rumours Rumours indeed!!

Then we have the Director of ACA being accused of corruption!! Oh God!! That was a good one, it was basically a laugh a minute session in the press room when all this stories began to crop up!!

I have to state that 50 years of independence does not make Malaysia a truly great country, rather it is still rather infantile in its maturity in its progress to become a great independent nation!! This is exhibited by the blatant corruption, political ineptness, haphazard planning and constructions and countless others that's just not worth mentioning here.

A country in its most infantile state such as Malaysia will without a doubt react like an infant, full of problems!!! Teething problems and such!! Of course, this is not to say that Developed Countries does not have its problems..they certainly do and much worse at times!!!

So, why is it so? Well, I believe that we can trace the roots to a situation called Greed and Jealousy, humanity's two best friends!!

It is greed that drives us to acquire more than we truly need which usually results in our inability to realise that we have acquired enough and it is jealousy that keeps us wanting to have more in other to keep up with others.

Some people would claim that they will acquire this much and this much so as that they will be in a level higher than those around them but as they acquire more wealth, legit or not....they suddenly realised that they are in a new level of society all together and are jealous of what those in this levels have and therefore they acquire more!! There's actually never the word, "enough" in their vocabulary. Thus, the end result is merely an evil vicious wheel that goes round and round till those who are able starve those who are not able.

Anyway, enough ramblings for the day, as one can see, I am completely disgusted with the turn of events around the world and also in Malaysia and my mind just can't seem to concentrate on one subject alone!!

So darlings!! If you wish for me to write on something more concrete, why not propose a topic for discussion?

Muah Muah!!

Buzz Buzz

Monday, January 14, 2008

The Wedding

Hello Darlings!!!
I know, I've been totally neglecting my duties of reporting to you all on the latest gossips and rumours around town!!

I have to confess, its all my fault and my over indulgence with alcohol and S*X has prevented me from being able to post anything much of worth for your delightful pleasure.

However, as promised, I will talk a bit more on the wedding of the Deputy Chief Minister's Daughter, Jennifer Jabu to Gaetano Obeid.

First and foremost, I would like to remind you all, Gaetano Obeid, though a Lebanese, is also a Catholic contrary to the beautiful rumour running around town that she married a muslim hahahaha!! Sorry you pitiful Islamist who wished it was true!!!

Anyway, May I present to you all, the Bride and Groom:

Mr. Gaetano Obeid and Mdm Jennifer Jabu-Obeid (now why does that sound like some star constellation)

Anyway, I am more than happy to let the pictures do the talking for you all with some commentary by me as I am still far too lazy to type much (blame it on the drinks!!)

Speaking of Happy, I saw the "Mistress" Yoda aka Happy Wong, Mother-in-Law of Gerald Jabu around the wedding and I must confess, she really looked like Yoda that night, in her awful black robe!! I wonder what the hell she was doing!! Sorry, no photographs of her as I was afraid that my camera lens would shatter when I took her photos!!!

As this is the Iban Wedding, as can be seen by the costume the Bride and Groom was wearing, most of the guest opted for Batik and Kebaya's, however, they were a few in some frump and dowdy outfits that could have only came from some "ah lian" boutique!!

Guests started pouring in into the Residence of the Deputy Chief Minister hours before the ceremony was intended to start, most likely to avoid having to park their cars blocks away from the Residence!!

Tan Sri Datuk Pattingi Alfred Jabu, proud Father of the Bride welcoming guests to his residence

By 7pm, the YB's and YM's (Yang Bodoh..oops!! I meant the Yang Berhormat and Yang Mulia's) started to arrive.

The Yang Berhormat Dublin Unting and Yang Berbahagia Fraulein (she does look rather "bahagia")

Then we have the arrival of the Groom and his Entourage, accompanied by Iban Warriors brandishing their swords around to scare off any potential rivals who might try to hijack the bride (who..if not for her wealth, would not be considered as one of the prettiest Iban maidens I've seen before, but her bank account is her greatest asset!!)

As for the, rest, I think I shall let the Pictures and captions do the talking as I'm having a hard time trying to adjust blogspots's capability with the pictures that I'm downloading here!!!

Lost Ibans? Well, if Jessica Alba could pass as an Iban in the Sleeping Dictionary, so why not a few Lebanese, Greeks and Italians?

The Groom and His LoinsMen!! (ooh look Cocka! Feathers? No Cock Feathers however!! Or rather none that was evident!!)

I say Jabu, One Daughter Please and make it Snappy!

Look into my eyes!! You're Mine

Bride: Oh God!! He's Starring at my Breast!!
Groom: Oh God! She's as flat as an airport runway!!

The Newly Wed Sitting on Huge Gong's covered with "Pua Kumbu"

One Big Happy Family!!

The Local and Foreign Media

Thus we have the Iban wedding, which was rather lenghty ceremony that lasted for nearly an hour while the rest of us were indulging in alcohol and keeping ourselves amused with ever so polite social conversation!! The major decision that the guests had to make as can be seen in the picture below of YB Snowdown Lawan and his wife, was whether they wanted a glass of red wine or a glass of champagne!!

Buzzing around the room, I noticed that the Son in Laws of Datuk Amar Leonard Linggi was present, or should I say the present and former Son in Laws

Alistair Smith formerly Linggi to Grame Brown - Linggi: so that's how I caught my wife with that other guy in bed!!

Imagine my surprise to see the Yang Mulia, Dayang Caroline Bintang Kanyan and her friend, Socialite and Heiress Miki Chong being present at the wedding and could I blame Dayang Caroline for looking bored!!

So Darlings!! Here are the pictures of the Iban wedding and as for gossips, well, lets just say that they were a few uninvited guest who gate crashed the parties and a several people ended up drunk as we danced and partied till 5 in the morning.

Buzz Buzz