Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Customizable Flash Drives

I bought my first USB flash drive years ago when I was still working at the computer retail store. Back then it cost a bomb and the drive could only fit 512 MB of data. Nowadays you can get Flash Drives that can hold 4 GB of data at very low prices. Not only that you can get ones that double as writing instruments and even ones with cute animal designs customized to your order!

I am of course talking about the snazzy Customizable USB Flash Drives sold at Pexagon Technology. No more boring standard flash drives like what everybody else are using, personalize your flash drives with their free custom engraving with every order. There’s no minimum order so you can order as little as you like or order a few to give as gifts. There are different cool colors to choose from. Get a pen flash drive for your boss, a cute animal flash drive for your kid sister and a cool durable, aluminum design for yourself.


Some people are compulsive liars; they just can't help themselves. Every time they open their mouths they have to lie, speak untruth or stretch the truth to put it nicely. I am of course talking about my boss' son Dean. Of all the years I've know him I've never heard him speak the truth. He does it so easily its hard to imagine him speaking any other way.

The latest lie he spoke of was telling us he had to go back to the client to pick up another job. That's the excuse he gave for slacking off work but of course one phone call to the client caught him out red handed. What did he think he could get away from lying to us? Stupid.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Bad Credit Offers

Times are tough, more and more people are falling into financial debt and labeled bad credit consumers by their creditors through no fault of their own. If you’re one of the thousands of people suffering from financial distress there is help out there.

Don’t jump on the first offer you get in the mail, go to to get help on getting you back on track. This site has lots of good resources that can help you get back on your financial feet. They help you compare all the different loans you may need like home loans, auto loans, personal loans and even bad credit loans. Their expert staff monitors and bring to you the best offers in the market so you can choose the right offer for your specific needs because everyone has different needs and finding the right one for yourself can mean stepping in the right track to financial freedom.

Spent the weekend doing nothing

Was planning to go check out the Melbourne/Osaka Festival today at 4pm but unfortunately we fell asleep and woke up rather late. Oh well...its not like we haven't been before. I've been to that festival twice already and blogged about it and I'm sure this year is just the same last the previous years.

The whole weekend has been spent doing nothing. Nothing's happening so nothing's been done and tomorrow is back to work again. Weather's been rather hot today with temperature up there in the 30's with more hot days to come. Summer's still around.