Friday, November 30, 2007

Rainforest World Music Festival Sarawak or World Music Festival Penang?


There seems to be some confusion as to the venue of the next year's Rainforest World Music Festival!!!

First we have the Penang State Tourism Committee chairman Teng Chang Yeow saying that "Penang will play host to the World Music Festival (WMF) in July next year, in conjunction with Visit Malaysia Year 2007 (VMY07)." as in this Bernama Article .

Going through the Ministry of Tourism Official Website it states that the event will be held in Sarawak on the 13th till the 15th of July and in Penang from the 20th till the 22nd of July, or the week later!!!

Following the announcement by the Penang State Tourism Committee Chairman, the CEO of Sarawak Tourism Board, the Main Organiser of the Rainforest World Music Festival for the last 9 years issued a press release that states that "The Rainforest World Music Festival is unique to Sarawak and should not be held elsewhere." as stated in the News Straits Times on Tuesday.

Below is an email forwarded to me by dear Datuk Seri Utama Dr Rais Yatim, Malaysian Minister of Culture, Arts and Heritage with regards to an email that he received from a disgruntled fan of the festival and I will let the email do the talking with my comments in italics.

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To the Ministry of Tourism Office, CEO of Sarawak Tourism Board, YB Minister of Culture Arts and Heritage,

I tried calling the Ministry of Tourism office earlier at +60326937111, but unfortunately after being passed around and being placed on hold a few times, when I was finally connected to someone, the other side was not able to hear me due to buzzing sound on the telephone and I realised that it would be clearer if I phrase my questions via email and hope that you will be able to help me. (What else is new, never try to call any Government office, they will pass you around till you give up hope!!)

I have received emails regarding the Rainforest World Music Festival 2007, which is next year and from what I have gathered, its being held in Penang? however, when I visited your website, it states that its being held in both Kuching (the original place and of which I have been going for the past 6 years without fail, due not only to the music but also the Sarawak lifestyle, beauty and culture and the people that makes the festival different than any other's in the Music festival arena that I have attended) (True true, the alcohol that flows like rivers, the scantily clad bikini ladies, the gyrating of pure passion, sexy bodies all around, dancing, sweaty, steamy, basically an orgasmic delight which is a NO NO in other States in the way Darlings, this festival has been going on for 9 years, people dress scantily, dances seductively but I have never ever heard of a story of anyone getting molested or raped!! Further proof that its not the ladies dressing that causes rape but stupid people with stupid mentality!! Sexually deprived animals!!)

le.cTherefore, Most Right Honourable Minister, as the Minister of Culture, Arts and Heritage, should not the Music Festival be preserved solely at the place of conception and such stealing of ideas and performers be stopped? (hear hear Datuk Seri!! You must do something about this darling!!)

Mdm CEO, I support your press release and I hope that the festival next year will be a great success and will definitely be back in Sarawak. (I agree Mdm CEO!! Speak out your rights as the Patron of the Festival!!)

My question here therefore, is based on the information that is being portrayed in your website that states that the event is held a week later also in Penang. Now this is not only confusing but is it not also creating friction between two States in Malaysia, (isn't that the idea? National Disunity!! First we get the Malays to argue with the Chinese, then we get the States to argue with each other!!!) namely, the Rainforest Festival has always been a Sarawak product, uniquely created by Sarawak Tourism Board to attract not only tourist like me, but locals. However, now I heard that your office is also planning to hold it in Penang? Are you trying to "steal" the tourist who plans to visit Sarawak to Penang instead? This is very confusing? (Yes Darling!! Piracy on the South China Sea!!!)

Browsing through the newspaper reports on this past days, I came upon this article that the CEO of Sarawak Tourism Board, the original organiser of the event for the past 9 years state and of which I will let you read for yourself at this link

So, where is this event being held is my question? In both Sarawak and Penang? If its to be held in both States, I would like to know, why is done so? (I agree darling!! We all would love to know why!!!) Why are you stealing the event that is created and nurtured by Sarawak Tourism Board for the past nine years and now that it is a success and recognised internationally, its being hijacked to another state? (yup!! I agree on that also!! Piracy and maybe jealousy?) Why are the Malaysian Tourism Board and Ministry, spending good money of the people TWICE when it could be put to better use or given to Sarawak Tourism Board to make the 10th anniversary of the Festival next year an even greater success and thus boost more tourism not only to Malaysia but also to Sarawak? (isn't that what Malaysian's are famous for doing, spending money all the time till we're so broke that the rakyat suffer?) Or is not Sarawak part of Malaysia because its separated by the South China Sea and therefore the festival is being Hijacked and moved to Penang which is in Peninsular Malaysia and therefore a part of the True Malaysia? (Darling!! Sarawakian's are 3rd class citizens!! Didn't you know that? First class are malays, second class are Chinese and Indians and Sarawakian's are 3rd Class!!! Ever fill a form in West Malaysia, the category when it comes to race is only 3, 1 is Malay, 2 is Chinese or Indian and 3 is Others!! Ethnic Sarawakian's and Sabahan's are classified as Others!!!)

A proper clarification should be issued by your good office on this matter, as I am sure, that many tourist who make this festival our annual pilgrimage and reunion are very confused to what is truly going on.

So, is the festival being held in both states? Or is Penang holding one by themselves with different artist lineup? or are they using the same performers as the one in Sarawak, of which if they are, then its killing the festival, but if its a totally different line up, then I and I guess most tourist would love to go to Penang and attend the festival there also. (yes I agree!! Penang!! Hold your own festival lah!! Be more original!!! Organise and plan it yourself darlings!!! (no offense Lilian Dearest!!)

In point forms on matter that you should clarify on your website is:

1. Where is the festival being held this year?

2. Are the performers line up the same as the one in Kuching and you'll be bringing them to Penang to perform again in the Same country?

3. If the above is yes, then why can't the people of Penang come up with their own idea's and have to resort to steal festivals and ideas from others, I stress on the word Steal because it is stealing, as you are merely taking the same performers that Sarawak Tourism Board will be showcasing to us in Sarawak and just repeating them in Penang. (once more I repeat myself, Piracy!!! and you blame us for buying ciplak VCD and DVD's from street Corners? Government also can't buy "Ori" why should we?)

4. Why the Ministry of Tourism should allow this sort of thing to happen, this is a disappointment and shows the unreliability and non continuity of Malaysian Tourism Board. (They have always been unreliable!!!)

5. If Penang is showcasing a different line-up of performers, please kindly state so in your website that I mentioned above so as that there will be less confusion and please make a formal press release on the matter.

6. If it is the above, please also state who are the performers of this festival, I know that some "thieves" would disguise things up and say that its totally different by adding or removing certain things, or in this case, what Penang might plan to do is that they might remove certain performers that in the Line up in Sarawak and then pass it as a whole "fresh" lineup, that's basically the same as taking an old cabbage, removing the wilted leafs and then passing it off as new!!! So, if its going to be a different line up, show us the performer's lineup and make sure its totally different groups than the one performing in Sarawak. However, if it is a fresh new lineup, I would definitely be attending both festival and extend my stay in Malaysia longer for that reason, but if it is the same lineup, what's the point? Its just pure stupidity to organise the same things twice in the same country!! (yes!! I agree with the writer of this email!!! Be Original!! as you ask us to buy Original, you should have original products yourself!! This is only encouraging us to buy pirated VCD's DVD's and CD's for that is what the MOT is doing!!)

7. I assure you, many people would be waiting for Penang and the Ministry to reply on this matter. Many of us, who are fan's of the Rainforest World Music Festival that's held in Sarawak are very disappointed with the actions of the Ministry of Tourism, Malaysia with regards to organise the festival twice in two different places, as its not only a waste of money but shows that there's lack of originality in the Ministry of Tourism's side and that the Ministry of Tourism are capable to stoop that low to steal the product of other States and award it to another State in Malaysia as they see fit. (hope I can get a copy of the reply!! yoohooo...Datuk Seri Dr Rais, forward me the reply if any okie darling!!!)

I hope to receive your answer soonest.

(name omitted to protect sender)

A Loyal Rainforest World Music Festival, SARAWAK fan for the past 6 years

So darlings!! Itulah al kisah the controversy and stupidity of the Pirates called Ministry of Tourism Malaysia!!

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