Friday, August 17, 2007

Muhammad Taib as Senator?? You got to be crazy!!

Hello again Darlings,

My my, A very busy day!!

Was talking to my old dear friend Lim Kit Siang and read his blog posting of the old Menteri Besar of Selangor, that old sleaze ball, being appointed a Senator and I was like, "Whoa!! What the F@ck!!!"

This is the guy who if anyone of you darlings could recall, was "caught in the act of adultery" with the daughter of the Late Sultan of Selangor when he was the Menteri Besar of the State, talk about abuse of position!!

Of course, being "caught in the act" he had no choice but to walk down the aisle with her but being a sleaze ball, wandering eyes and such, he eventualy divorced her and paid a whooping RM16 million settlement. Did anyone ever bothered to ask where did that money come from?

Old Mr. Lim of course raise up a few issues apart from that money, you know, the house at the Gold Coast, that cost RM 2 Million, the Ranch in Queensland that cost RM5 million (hmmm...I wonder if that's a "stud" ranch) and the RM 2.4 million cash that he was caught falsely declaring when he brought it into Australia, which he was acquited, of course, but which led to his resignation as Menteri Besar of Selangor!

Now, when he resigned, his statement on his resignation was that he wanted to set an example of the “new culture of accountability” as in Japan and South Korea where government and political leaders resign their various posts if involved in scandals of corruption, gross negligence or incompetence. as per dear old Lim Kit Siang's blog.

So, my darlings, he clearly stated that he is involved in a scandal of corruption and such as stated above, yet now, 10 years later after his resignation, he is appointed as a Senator which eventually might lead into a cabinet post in the Cabinet of the Prime Minister!!

How can such a man, who is clearly for all to see, not only is a womaniser but is also an extremely corrupted politician be allowed to become a member of our Dewan Negara and calls himself a Senator???

This, my dear darlings, is a case of how our "Malaysia Boleh" mentality is working at its fullest!!

It shows that in Malaysia we "boleh" become a Senator or position of high authority even if we are known to have led a colourful life!!!

This show's that our dear Prime Minster is really not following what he raised up just two days ago at the UMNO assembly!!! Fight against corruption indeed!!

Oooohh!! I am so "proud" to be a Malaysian!!

buzz buzz

Murder - Malaysia Boleh!!

Hellooo Darlings,

Well, lets see what's in the news today!! "Wife Maintains Husband Innocent and he has been framed!!"........"He is a good man. He is not the Prime Minister of this country. He doesn’t want to be one."

Interesting statement don't you think so?

I do have to agree with Anon that one should look into this murder of Altantuya Shaariibuu. Lets not talk about the deceased, besides, its not right to speak ill of the dead!! Don't you agree? We know what she is and who she is, so lets leave it at that!!

But the living!!, that is a different story all together.

Now, lets look at Abdul Razak Baginda, the man charged for abetting the cops. A very interesting character, a high profiled political analyst mind you, with close ties with the Deputy Prime Minister who is also the Defence Minister Dato Sri Najib Tun Razak!!

Najib even wrote the forward to "Malaysia and the Islamic World" a book edited by Baginda and published in 2004. For more than a decade Baginda has been the executive director of the Malaysia Strategic Research Institute, which is technically a private think-tank but has close connections to the Malaysian armed forces and the United Malays National Organisation, the largest party in the ruling coalition.

Now, the wife of Abdul Razak Baginda claims that her husband is framed and he's absolutely innocent and gives us a clue there, that her husband is not the Prime Minister nor wishes to be one.

Lets see...who wants to be the Prime Minister? hmmmmm surely you're not that dense!! of course the Deputy Prime Minister, Dato Sri Najib Tun Razak!!

Who is the Defense Minister and therefore has the authority to issue the explosives or have the authority to order his underlings (the armed forces and the police force is under the Defense Minister jurisdiction) to issue the explosives used in the Murder? Why its none other than Dato Sri Najib Tun Razak!!!

Do I have to drawn the lines for you? I'm sure you can connect the dots yourself darlings!! In case you are really that dense, here's a few clues for the "connect the dots and you'll get the full picture" game!!

Close aides = good friends for want of better term of words!

When it come to pretty girls, Najib does have a wandering eye!

So, what's the possibility darlings, that Najib might have had an affair with the deceased and then passed her off to his "good friend"?

What's the possibility darlings, that she has something on Najib and therefore his "good friend" was asked to settle the "problem" and the money paid to her initially, is not enough? Therefore she came back for more and the two of them decided to just eliminate her?

Interesting possibilities don't you think so? Well that's the speculation that been going around in the coffee shop and 5 stars restaurants all around the country!!

So, there you go, lets pray that a thorough investigation in the case will really happen and it will not be just a cover up like the previous case our Dato Sri Najib Tun Razak was know...marrying someone on contract and then getting his armed forces official to take the blame of khalwat?....well..that's another story anyway!!!

Of course some rumours that its Khairy the son in law of the PM who is trying to destroy Najib's succession plan!! Don't think that's possible, he's far too young!! If he wants to destroy any one'succession plan, its Hishamuddin that he would destroy as he's in competition with Hisham for the throne and not with Najib!!

So, hope that pleases your kayponess Anon!!

Promise that I will update more if I hear anything more on this matter!!

Good day to all and ciao!! buzz buzz

Hello Gorgeous...DAMN You're GAY!!!

Hello Darlings!!

Early lunch today and definitely all paid for by a really great hunk of a man that I've known for a while.

So imagine my stupefied reaction to discover that he's actually GAY and he introduced me to his boyfriend!!

Ooo La La!!

What is this world turning into??!!!

It makes one wonder, are the female species so boring that most guys nowadays either resort to foreign ladies (look at the number of night spots with china gals and Filipino gals mushrooming around town) or they turn out gay?

Or maybe the local female species are just too repulsive for the guys to consider that they have resorted to the male company instead??!!!

Who is to blame for this sudden spurt of gay man around town? I mean, the chances of going to a club, seeing a great looking guy doing wonderful dance moves and before any female could actually approach him, he turns around and kiss his male companion is so plausible nowadays!!

Do guys suffer from some secret phobia of the female species? Or is there some extremely nasty experience of the female species in their lives that makes them resort to homosexuality?

Is it Genetic? Culture? Religion (hmmm...over zealous religious upbringing?? sexual abuse by the priest? altar servers kinky gatherings? mind is wandering) Why? Why do gay man turn out to be gay man (if you're a lesbian, then switch the term accordingly) ??!!

So, to the male readers out there in blogland...are you gay?? to the female readers...why? why are the boys turning gay? Is there something wrong with the female species?? Over domineering mother's perhaps? Pressure on the children by their parents? Being compared to their older siblings in their performance (am talking of non-sexual know education, sporting ability etc etc etc)

Anyway darlings, gay man are absolutely adorable friends, they never fail to make you laugh and one can really have a great time with them, non sexual fun that is!!

Sooo....anyone who knows the answer, do tell have a good afternoon and ciao for buzz