Saturday, October 27, 2007

Food Food and more Food


Have any of you come to the realisation that it is practically impossible to diet in Kuching unless you just sit at home and eat only steamed vegs for breakfast, lunch and dinner?

The mushrooming of restaurants and eateries around town either portray the people of Kuching as a bunch of glutton's or that none of us here ever bother to cook at home.

On top of this, we seem to have a certain delight for bakeries also in town. One can basically see a bakery at every corner? Are the citizens of Kuching turning French? Bread is hereby our staple diet?

I must admit however, that even though there seems to be a proliferation of eateries around town, not one of them can actually be considered spectacular or absolutely scrumptious in its cooking!!

Sure, some of them managed to reach a certain mark of 5 or 6 in the scale of 0 to 10 but to be truly honest, none of them can be given that 10 points mark!!

Mediocrity is the key word of the people of Kuching, from the lifestyle, to the people and to its food.

Maybe its partly due to the people of Kuching's culture of Want it Cheap, Want it Fresh, Want it Good, so in the end, a compromise has to be reached where its all just plain half way in the mark and thus we are deprived of a truly wonderful gastronomic experience.

I am still praying, in this sudden mushrooming of Restaurants in town, the creation of a certain restaurants where the food is absolutely worth talking about, rather than the half half we seem to be getting around town where its basically not worth writing home to one's parents about.

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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Friday comes with the cock!

Morning darlings,

I was awakened this morning by a very rude cock and no, Cocka, am not talking about you, if you were ever to wake me up in the morning, I wouldn't consider you rude darling, I'll welcome you openly!!!

Anyway, sidetracked there for a moment, must be due to the amount of caffeine that I have intravenously injected into my system to keep my awake as I pore over the audit report of my company's finances for the year!!!!

Back to the cock!!! It seems that my stupid neighbours have decided to rear some fighting cocks from the Philippines!! Now, if only they start rearing Filipino guys with nice cock's of their own
(do not get jealous now, Cocka, think of it as more incentive for you to be more imaginative in wooing me and that sock you posted was such a turn off, so consider this punishment!!) that would be more heavenly, but NO!! it was like a whole cock farm of fighting cocks that was basically getting on my nerve crowing away at 4am in the morning!!!

If I could recall correctly, wasn't there some ruling in the Municipal Council By-laws that states that rearing of livestock in one's house compound in a residential neighbourhood is prohibited? I sincerely hope so, anyway, I plan to march into the Mayor's office later after lunch and give him a piece of my mind and hopefully, the Council Enforcement officers will come and BBQ those fighting cocks as soon as possible!!!

Mind you, I love animals, but they should all have their own right and proper places of habitation, and cocks and chickens my darlings are to be reared in chicken farms not in your own backyard!!!

Oh well, at least its not those irritating geese that they are rearing there and pass it off as guard "dogs"!!! (true, geese are wonderful as guard "dogs" but WTF!!! Get a proper dog you idiot!!)

Anyway, a pox to all fighting cocks!! The only cocks I wouldn't mind seeing fighting with each other are to be attached to a human body!!!

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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Muslims Kneeling At Catholic Mass


If that doesn't spark enough controversy, I really don't know what else would!!!

Yes, it all happened today at St. Joseph Cathedral, Kuching, where several former members of the Cabinet of Tun Dr. M, was seen kneeling during the Consecration at the Mass. The Former Cabinet members are Dato' Abang Abu Bakar bin Abang Haji Mustapha, (former Defense Minister) and his wife, the Y.M. Tunku Datin Maziah binti Tunku Mustapha a member of the Kelantan Royal Family, Datuk Amar Sulaiman Daud (former Education Minister) and children, the Y.M. Tengku Daud Shaif ud-din bin Tengku Zain ud-din of Negeri Sembilan and his wife, Dayang Caroline Bintang Kanyan, Datuk Rahman bin Abdullah and his wife, Datin Norliah Binti Tun Rahman, several minor Muslim government servants, minor muslim politicians and ordinary Muslims from non governmental agencies and from all walks of life, assembled and prayed together in the St. Joseph, Roman Catholic Cathedral of Kuching. Why, one could basically see Muslim ladies in their tudungs kneeling at the elevation of the Host that brings back to my mind of images of Catholic Ladies attending the Old Rite Mass where all heads were veiled!!

Yes!! this only happens in Sarawak and before the Jabatan Agama Islam starts getting on their high horses, the reason we were all in the Cathedral today was to bid our final farewell to a community leader, archivist of native "puak" weaving, mother and loving wife, the late Datin Amar Margaret Guning Linggi nee Banyang.

Having suffered for over 8 years from cancer of the breast, she finally breathed her last on Monday, the 20th of this month. May she rest in peace.

However, apart from stressing on the funeral, what I wanted to highlight was that, today was truly a model of harmony and religious tolerance displayed at the funeral, where all the VVIPs basically sat on the first few benches in the Cathedral, behind the family and participated as much as they could in the celebration of the Funeral Mass, singing the hymns with gusto, following the scripture readings, fully engrossed with the sermons, kneeling at the Consecration and offering the sign of peace with their neighbours. Of course, being non-Catholics, they did not receive Communion but all in all, they participated with the fullness of non-Catholics in a Catholic Mass without any harm to their own faith or to their own beliefs!!

This Funeral Mass of multi religious nature in the congregation has been a constant happening in Sarawak, where religious tolerance is truly in existence and where we are not corrupted by stupid Imam's from West Malaysia with their radical teachings!!

Police Officials were they, not to restrain the crowds but to ensure smooth flow of traffic, they were no crazy religious fanatics who were about to drag the Muslims who were kneeling during the elevation of the Sacred Body of Christ and the funeral passed with peacefulness and grace and harmony. A symbol of what Malaysia should truly be, a place of religious tolerance and harmony!!

So, darlings, if those big shots and Malaysian royalty to boot, can peacefully attend a Catholic Mass and have no aversion to showing respect to the faith of others by kneeling during the Consecration of the Mass, why not you ordinary Muslims just open your eyes and see that true religious tolerance comes with respect for everyone and not by forcing your religion down people's throats!!

Another point I want to highlight, all the great politicians and successful Muslim businessman that I've known in my life in Sarawak, have been educated in Mission Schools and took Scriptures for their form 5 examination's as it was the easiest to get an A but they still turn out to be excellent Muslim's, without having any misgivings of the Muslim faiths!! I recall some of my Muslim friends who studied with me in Mission schools, can still up to this very day, recite the Our Father and the Hail Mary fluently and I recalled one Muslim girl insisted that her parents allowed her to go caroling with us during Christmas!! They still remained true Muslims, true to their faiths!! Its only when extremist religious teachers who come and makes things complicated that creates all this frictions between Muslims and people of other faiths.

So darlings, think about it, don't you wish for true religious tolerance as can be seen in the funeral of the late Datin Amar Margaret Guning nee Banyang? or do we want some chaotic mess like the case of the SMS where Muslim's view other religion with fear and trepidation because of their religious teacher's idea!!

Think about it darling!!

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