Sunday, February 24, 2008

Visiting New Zealand

Even though I’ve been living in Australia for the last 18 years I’ve never been to our neighbor New Zealand which is only a few hour flight away. I really should be thinking of going there one day. At the moment the New Zealand Tourism is promoting heavily in Australia trying to entice Australians to go over there for holidays.

So I will be making New Zealand my next holiday destination. There are a few New Zealand cities I would like to visit when I’m there like Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch. I can find and organize my New Zealand Hotels at Cheaperthanhotels NZ. Auckland Accommodation can be found there as well as Wellington Accommodation. There’s also Christchurch Accommodation and Queenstown Accommodation all of which are easily found and booked at Cheaperthanhotels NZ. So New Zealand here I come!

Going to the shop

Went into town to get some paints for my model project. The shop I was going had a rock concert right in the front of it! Right smack in the middle of Lonsdale Street and traffic has been blocked on one side so I had to walk all around just to get to my shop.

Outside the shop the owner was arguing with the concert organizers. Apparently they've been telling people they can't get to his shop which made the shop keeper hopping mad. I went into the shop and sure enough it was quieter as usual but at least I got my paints and a needle file as well.